We hope you're safe and well. As we navigate uncertain times, the ALIBI family has been brainstorming ways we can offer assistance. Although we're not in a position to supply masks for our medical heroes on the frontlines or manufacture the goods we all need, we can be of help to those in our creative community whose productions have been postponed. 

In solidarity we are offering gratis use of the ALIBI Music and Sound FX catalogs to both freelancers and creative companies of all sizes who are taking this time to create or update their demo reels for self-promotion.

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ALIBI's robust, versatile, and expertly curated catalog features music and FX produced, structured, and crafted for storytelling and is available to license for advertising, trailers, promos, programming, video games, all other forms of multimedia content.

Our commitment to delivering the highest quality, searchable tracks, alternate mixes, and stems to create the most versatile catalog available has made us a trusted creative partner for advertising agencies, film studios, consumer brands, networks, production companies, video game developers and independent content creators since 2011.

Score your smiles, tears, joy, tension, love, fear, surprises, envy, kindness and friendships…
Your celebrations, anxiety, reflection, remorse and silliness…
Your hopes, failures, successes, adventures, travels, epic battles and romances…




 2019 REEL

ALIBI-2019 Reel



Over 150,000 audio files
Over 700 albums of music
Over 120 new album releases of music per year
Over 150 albums of trailer FX
Over 30 albums of Trailer FX per year

 Beyond original tracks, ALIBI’s releases include stems and alternate mixes that can be used separately or combined together in editing for custom scoring.

Stems include individual files for each instrument in a piece of music.


Alternate Mixes
Full Mix - Mix including all instruments, lead instrument is clearly labeled in name
Instrumental Mix - Instrumental version of vocal track
Rhythm Mix - Version of the piece of music with no lead instruments
Sparse Mix - Mix with no drums
Sparse Rhythm Mix - Mix with no drums and no leads
Holiday Mix - Mix that includes sleigh bells and/or chimes
30, 15, and 5 second versions of each of the above mixes

Music Styles
All primary requested styles by top level music supervisors, editors, and producers ALIBI works closely with - including trailer music, world,contemporary classical, rock, hip-hop, classical, songs, acoustic, pop, soul, orchestral score, underscore, funk, country, folk, electronic, in all moods, sub genres,  and from varying eras.

ALIBI also offers custom scoring for trailers, promos, score packages and covers.

We work closely with a large tight knit team of the most talented composers and songwriters chosen for these projects based on their genre specialties.






ALIBI’s robust music and sound FX catalog features powerful search and browsing capabilities with the option of filtering results to save time finding music that works for each project. Search by moods, styles, instruments, BPMs, tempos, eras and more.

Catalog Search
Use the catalog filter to choose between ALIBI Music or Trailer FX catalogs.
Length Search: Remove cut-downs in results by filtering your search for pieces over 30 seconds, and limit to cut-downs and bumpers by filtering your search to under 31, 16 or 5 seconds.

BPM Search
Use the BPM filter to search different BPM ranges.

Sonic Search
Drag and drop a music file from your desktop to initiate an audio-based search for similar music.

Negative Search
Add a hyphen before a search term to exclude that term from results (i.e., -drums or genre:-rock).

Phrase Search
To find an exact match to a phrase, simply add quotation marks around it (i.e., “happy birthday").

Browsing Search
While browsing search results, further refine your search by clicking on individual terms in the results columns.

Advanced Techniques
Limit search terms to singular fields and group boolean expressions to create exactly the query you like (i.e., genre:-country AND (mood:upbeat OR mood:happy).




ALIBI-Search Like A Pro Tutorial Video




Browse ALIBI’s catalog through playlists for each genre, style and sub-genre, as well as other prospective types needed for trailers, advertising, promos, programming and more. As we strive to make this an effortless experience, we welcome your input for needs not yet addressed and can offer curated playlists on password-protected pages for high-level clientele.

New releases are added regularly and can be browsed in the Albums section of the site by date.





All ALIBI audio files are individually metadata’d, allowing full search capability for full versions, alternative mixes and stems.     

Keywords not appropriate to an audio file are not included in the data to avoid improper search results. For example, versions with no drums are labeled “sparse mixes” to prevent these files from appearing in search results for music with drums.

ALIBI can deliver full sheets of the catalogs’ data in any format required. Each audio file has over 400 columns of data that can be parsed down to only the data required for your systems. 





ALIBI’s catalog features instant licensing at competitive rates. Simply click the shopping cart icon next to any track to choose project and term options. Whether indie or pro, you may also choose one of our convenient monthly subscription plans.

For higher-level projects, ALIBI offers fair and flexible options, such as preferred vendor rates and blanket licensing, based on project terms and requirements.

Our team will always work with you to fit your needs, from budget to vendor paperwork and everything else, so if you don't see what you’re looking for, please contact us




ALIBI audio and data is accessible in several ways:

Our website


Internal server transfer

Hard drive

API (for instant & ongoing updates)

Filmtrack, Protunes, Netmix, Soundminer & other major network internal search systems.

Formats include AIFF, WAV, MXF and/or MP3.





All master recordings and published audio files in ALIBI’s catalog are produced, owned and controlled by ALIBI Music LP worldwide in perpetuity.

ALIBI retains full E&O insurance coverage.


An ALIBI-issued license is required for any use of music or sound FX.


All internet-use licensing includes the option to whitelist channels.


Music To Back Up Your Story® and Music for Storytellers® are registered trademarks of ALIBI Music LP.