What is Alibi Orange?

Alibi Orange is an extension of the Alibi Music Library. We are offering licensable music that is pre-formatted for gamers. All of our music is expertly looped and associated assets are created so developers can simply drag and drop them into their game engine. We are in beta mode, so your feedback is appreciated.


What am I purchasing from Alibi Orange?

Your purchase is a non-exclusive license to use the music and associated assets in your project based on selected terms. We are currently basing licenses based on amount of downloads, but we offer flexible pricing based on your project’s needs. If this is of interest, please contact us.


What assets are included with a purchase?

When you purchase a loop, or any of its related components, you receive all associated assets. Each loop includes Instrument Layers, Multiple Endings, beat-mapped Transitions, and musically-related Stingers.


Will I need to pay future royalties on my purchases?
No. As long as the terms of the license is met, you will not owe us any other fees.