ALIBI’s robust online search system allows for powerful search and browsing capabilities 
with the prerogative option of filtering results to save time finding music that works for the project

Search by moods, styles, instruments, BPMs, tempos, Eras


Negative Searching
The most powerful way to filter out search results that editors and producers know won’t work for a specific project
is to type in keywords that are appropriate to what’s needed
and filter search results by removing keywords that are not. 

Rock -synth
Hip Hop -vocals
Mysterious strings -drums -piano -synth -pulsing
Fun Electronic - Stem -holiday


Catalog Searching
Utilize Catalog filter on the left to choose Alibi Music or Trailer FX catalogs


Length Search
Utilize Catalog filter on the left to search for pieces over 30 seconds to remove cutdowns or,
under 31, 16 or 5 seconds, for cutdowns and bumpers


BPM Search 
Utilize BPM filter on the left to search BPM ranges