Copying Hard Drives

How to Copy the ALIBI Client Drive

Making Hard Drives

Here are the steps to create a client hard drive. Ideally it is best to have at least one on or more on hand. If it needs to be updated Carbon Copy Cloner will add only what’s missing to speed up delivery for drive requests.

I. Format the drive

a. Plug in the hard drive

b. Open Disk Utility from the Utilities folder

c. Choose Erase

d. Choose ExFat Format

e. Name Drive ALIBI-Music

II. Copy the drive

a. Open Carbon Copy Cloner

b. Create a new task

c. SOURCE: Choose the folder ALIBI-Finals-AIFFs and MP3s as the source

i. Folder is located in Dropbox>ALIBI-Team>Audio Files> United States Files> ALIBI-Finals-AIFFs and MP3s

d. For the UK choose the UK audio files folder

e. DESTINATION: Choose the newly formatted ALIBI-Music Drive

III. Add drive logo

a. Click on the folder ALIBI-Finals-AIFFs and MP3s

i. Click the keys “Command” and “I” at the same time

ii. Click the icon on the top left

iii. Click “Command” and “C”

b. Click on the new drive icon

i. Click “Command” and “I”

ii. Click the icon on the top left

iii. Click “Command” and “P”

IV. When drive is done copying eject the drive and place an alibi sticker on the front of the drive, and ideally the sides of the drive in a way that the “ALIBI” word logo shows with the robot wrapped around the drive.

V. Package the drive in an orange jewelry box with the alibi sticker on the top.