Whitelisting - copyright claim on youtube removal

client received copyright claim from youtube that needs to be removed

When someone makes a purchase on our site, they are given an opportunity to put in their Youtube channel code for whitelisting. Also, we have the ability to manually whitelist Youtube Channels in our admin area:



Whitelisting releases any copyright and monetization claims from us for our clients.


Come to find out, these whitelisting tools ONLY affect future Alibi music placements to a channel. If a client uploads our music and gets a claim before the channel is whitelisted, we need to email Source Audio and have them do it for us. Email Jarret AND Support:




I am told that being able to release claims made before channels are whitelisted is slated for future admin functionality.


need to find the channel ID to whitelist? here is the knowledge base article for that: https://www.alibimusiclibrary.com/knowledge/f