• Over 145,000 audio files

  • Over 700 albums of music

    • Over 100 new album releases of music per year

  • Stems and alternate mixes have been included for the last few hundred releases that can be used separately or combined together in editing for custom scoring. 

    • Stems include individual files for each instrument in a piece of music. 

    • Alternate mixes include

      • Full Mix - Mix including all instruments, lead instrument is clearly labeled in name

      • Instrumental Mix - Instrumental version of vocal track

      • Rhythm Mix - Version of the piece of music with no lead instruments

      • Sparse Mix - Mix with no drums

      • Sparse Rhythm Mix - Mix with no drums and no leads

      • Holiday Mix - Mix that includes sleigh bells and/or chimes

      • 30, 15, and 5 second versions of each of the above mixes

  • Over 150 albums of trailer fx

    • Over 30 new trailer fx releases per year

  • Music covers nearly all primarily requested styles including trailer music, world, contemporary classical, rock, hip hop, classical, songs, acoustic, pop, soul, orchestral score, underscore, funk, country, folk, electronic, in all moods and from varying eras.

  • Custom scoring service for trailers, promo, score packages, and covers available utilizing a roster of over 200 composers and songwriters ALIBI works closely with and chosen on projects based on their genre specialties.

  • All audio files are individually metadata’d allowing full search capability for full versions, alternative mixes, and stems.     

  • Keywords not appropriate to an audio file are not included in the data to avoid improper search resultls – this is why versions with no drums are labeled “sparse mixes” to avoid these files appearing in search results while searching for music with drums

  • Full sheets of the catalogs data can be delivered in any format required. Each audio file has over 400 columns of data that can producers/editors can parse down to only the data required for your systems. 

  • ALIBI’s robust online search system allows for powerful search and browsing capabilities and filtering of results to save time finding music that works for the project

    • Search by moods, styles, instruments, BPMs, tempos, Eras

    • Negative searching - The most powerful way to filter out search results that editors and producers know won’t work for a specific project.  Type in keywords that are appropriate to what’s needed and filter search results by removing keywords that are not. 

      • Examples:  

        • Rock -synth

        • Hip Hop -Vocals

        • Mysterious strings -drums -piano -synth -pulsing

    • Catalog Searching

      • Choose to only search FX catalog or Music catalog

    • Length Searching

      • Search for pieces based on length

        • Filter out cut downs by choosing minimum timing of over 30 seconds

        • Search for cut downs and bumpers by setting maximum timing

  • ALIBI is currently in the process of binning out the entire catalog into every possible type of trailer, promo, and programming, we welcome input on custom pages for any specific ongoing needs. 

  • New releases are added regularly and can be browsed in the albums section of the site by date

  • Release titles include the genre in the beginning of the album name to view all albums in one genre together

  • All audio files in ALIBI’s catalog are solely produced, owned, and controlled by ALIBI Music LP worldwide in perpetuity.

  • ALIBI retains E&O insurance with per claim liability of $1,000,000, and aggregate of $2,000,000

  • As well as from ALIBI’s website, audio and data can be made accessible in various ways. 

    • Data and file delivery via FTP

      • Audio files and data can be transferred to internal servers via ALIBI’s file delivery tool in AIFF, WAV, and/or MP3 formats

    • Audio files and data can be made accessible via ALIBI’s API for instant and ongoing updates

    • Hard drives searchable via finder or iTunes with the same search data as on the site can be delivered annually. Cost per drive, not including licensing is $350.

    • Audio also available via Filmtrack, Protunes, Netmix, Soundminer, Kontent Core, NBC’s Frequency, Turner Music, I Like Music, as well as other systems.